Every individual is unique, and our professional therapist will take your needs into consideration and craft the session according to them. We are here to help you to realize your strenghts and overcome your weaknesses. The program Mind Muscle aims at enabling individuals to deal with there daily challenges and difficulties using world renowned psychological techniques and therapies such as, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Person Centered Therapy (PCT). 


Personal Session:


A personal session is an interactive process defined by a unique relationship between an individual and a therapist. The process empowers individuals to overcome the challenge(s) faced and lead a healthy life.


The personal session, under the Mind Muscle program, provides individuals an opportunity to speak freely, discuss personal issues and work to mitigate them under a confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental environement. Our focus is also to help indiviudals to look at themselves in a new perspective, gain confidence, and take charge of their own lives. 


Under Mind Muscle, following areas are addressed:


  • Individual Counselling 
  • Relationship and Family Counselling
  • Adolosence Counselling, et al. 


Group Session:


These sessions provide a supportive environement wherein the goal is collective growth - and not just individual growth. It enables a group of people to broaden their perspectives of looking at complex situations as well as people around. Under Mind Muscle, we offer group therapies, which help indivuduals to sharpen their scocial skills and strategies to deal with ongoign setbacks especially those specific to dealing with performance at workplace, family expectations, relationships, and peer pressure.


Highlights of this Program:


  • Highly research-based 
  • Conducted for the long-term benifit rather than as a "feel good" factor 
  • Highly participative with an emphasis on practice and application of learned skills
  • Designed and conducted by professional psychologists and psychotherapists


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